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Hi There! My name is Sue! Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile to learn about me and my son Jace as a prospective adoptive family!

As I sit here writing this letter, my heart is full of happiness and emotion because I know adoption has been my calling. I love helping others and I love children. Adoption is a journey of sacrifice and unconditional love. It is also a beautiful way of connecting individuals with an ultimate goal of providing a life of love for a child. 

I am an Intestinal Surgeon and spent many years in school and training. I am so blessed to have had such an amazing expedition of incredible professors and training programs.  And while I love my job, building a family has always been my true passion. Alas, I started late. I was truly blessed to have Jace (who is my biological son) but have been unable to have any more children. I grew up in a large family with five brothers and a sister and I feel having siblings has been the most important aspect in shaping who I am. 

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania with my parents and six siblings. Growing up, I was a curious girl and had a natural interest in the sciences. My father was a pathologist and, unlike any of my other siblings, I loved to go with my dad to work and look in his microscope! In high school, I did a lot of science fairs (I know, how nerdy!). 

Once I was in college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life - I wanted to be a doctor. I majored in Biology, but that didn’t stop me from exploring other subjects as well. I fell in love with and minored in art history. 

During my medical residency, I had the fortunate opportunity to travel and perform surgery in several countries including Costa Rica, Panama, Thailand, and China. I met so many wonderful people! Being exposed to different cultures made me realize while its OK to find things beautiful, it’s absolutely fascinating to appreciate them and learn more about them! 

I truly love my career as a general surgeon. I live down the street from the hospital where I work. It is an amazing job! Amazing because I find it so humbling to meet someone for the first time, talk to them about their health issues and their families, and then have them entrust me with their life in scheduling a surgical procedure.

Jace has a memory unlike any toddler I have ever met. Even though he is only three years old, if you had a conversation with him, you would think he was twelve! His curiosity motivates him to find answers to all of his burning toddler questions, and he remembers everything he experiences! He can tell you the 10 states he has visited, sing songs he learned as a baby, and knows dozens of phrases in both English and Spanish. 

Jace’s intelligence is paired with a compassionate and caring heart. He never mistreats his friends, he is good at sharing his toys, and he picks up his toys when done. Jace loves to play outside, pet animals, and swim in the pool. I know that he would make an excellent brother. Based on how well he gets along with his friends, he would be excited to have a forever playmate at home!

We live in a great Florida neighborhood. There are many families with children in the area, and lots of community activities. Our neighborhood has a clubhouse and pool. The pool area has both a large pool and a kiddie pool with slides and other water features. Jace loves going there for playdates! 

We are outside almost all the time…one of the best things about the Sunshine State! We don’t have any pets, but we often take walks around the block to play with “doggies” going on their walks. We also enjoy the beach and the waves. We also have a family membership at the Children’s Museum which is less than a mile away. Weekends in our family often consists of trips to the numerous indoor and outdoor playgrounds and parks, and exploring all of the amazing wildlife both around our neighborhood and the town.

As an infant and toddler, Jace went to an amazing Cuban daycare where he became proficient in Spanish. I feel exposure to many cultures is so important to child development. Jace has since moved to an incredible preschool where they have classes for gardening, cooking, yoga, art, and Spanish classes. I can't say enough good things about this school… it embodies a very nurturing and stimulating experience that emphasizes critical thinking and creativity. As far as the future, there are many excellent schools in this area and a college fund will be started immediately to ensure an optimal education for both kids. 

As I mentioned above, I come from a very large family. I am super close with my brothers and sister. We are constantly texting and sharing photos. We travel to see each other frequently, especially on holidays. Two of my brothers have younger children. The cousins all Facetime frequently. Both of my parents have passed on, but a recent family reunion this past July consisted of over 50 members. The types of family gatherings are truly what makes family life so fulfilling – the memories are priceless! Everyone is very excited and supportive of my decision to grow our family through adoption. 

There is an amazing Martial Arts Academy nearby where both Jace and I take Jiu-jitsu lessons. Jace has also become a good swimmer because of lots of time spent pool-side. He also enjoys gymnastics and soccer. While I realize Martial Arts may not be for everyone, I believe exposure to sports-related activities is healthy for the developing minds and bodies of children. Any child placed with me would have lots of opportunities for participation in a variety of activities.

One thing that I really enjoy doing is growing pineapple plants. I have many growing in various stages in pots around my house. Once they are ready to make fruit I give the plants away to my friends so they can enjoy the incredible process of watching a pineapple grow and the sweet taste of pineapple sunshine! 

More about me! 

  • My favorite dessert is... Strawberry shortcake!

  • The coolest place I’ve ever visited is... the Great Wall of China.

  • My favorite Museum is… The Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. 

  • Jace and I’s favorite weekend activity is... squeezing fresh made orange juice.

  • My most favorite TV show of all time is... Mr Robot! I love movies where you can’t predict the ending!

  • My desert island book would be... some book about interior design. It’s something I have been interested in learning more about.  

  • My favorite animal...the hedgehog! Need I say more!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster you are experiencing. But I do believe that connecting a child with a family full of love is a beautiful thing. Any child placed with me would have the best opportunities for loving family and friends, a good education, enriching activities, and lots of travel.

If chosen, I  look forward to discussing with you what our post-adoption relationship would look like. However, regardless of how much contact you’d like to have, you can rest assured that I will remind the child of their roots and the ultimate loving commitment you made to ensure your child’s happiness.